Cure Your Supply Chain Anxiety

Introducing 3PL from MHL

The most trusted manufacturer in CBD ingredients and finished goods manufacturing is now the most trusted partner in CBD e-commerce fulfillment. Mile High Labs’ world-class manufacturing capabilities have combined with a fulfillment service specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the CBD industry.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Standard 3PL pricing can be confusing with separate charges for pallet storage, picking fees, handling and more. With Mile High Labs, you only pay a flat rate per order, no matter how many SKUs are in the box. No hidden fees. No surprises. No headaches. Service fees as low as $4 per order*.

Reach a Global Audience

MHL has been the driving force that confidently moves CBD forward into emerging markets. Now, we want to help your brand access the more than 30 countries that we ship to. With fulfillment centers in Broomfield, Colorado and Belfast, Northern Ireland, we are uniquely capable of taking your brand international virtually overnight.

Open Fulfillment

Our products are made, tested and stored under one roof in a temperature-controlled environment in Broomfield, Colorado. But even if we aren’t your manufacturing partner, we’re more than happy to offer reliable fulfillment for products not made by Mile High Labs.

Your Platform, Our Service

Whether your e-commerce business is powered by Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento or Etsy, we’ll seamlessly integrate our fulfillment services to fit your business.

Scale Up with Mile High Labs

You deserve the highest quality 3PL partner, no matter the size of your business. Our services scale with both smaller, breakout brands and larger, category-defining brands.

Contact your sales rep or call 833.CBD.1011 to get started.

*Approval, pricing, and payment terms are subject to MHL’s credit review and approval process.