Baseball, hot dogs,
apple pie and CBD

This week, we salute the founding fathers of hemp who, coincidentally, were the founding fathers of our country.

Hemp, Thomas Jefferson is believed to have said, “is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.”

Indeed, in the earliest years of the Republic, hemp was so fundamental to the expansion of the economy, farmers were compelled to grow it as an act of patriotism. In some areas, hemp cultivation was mandatory—it was illegal NOT to grow hemp and you could be thrown in jail if it was found missing from your fields.

Essential goods were sourced from hemp, such as rope, canvas (for sails as well as sacks that held consumable goods), cloth and paper. Hemp was everywhere. It was the paper on which the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were written.

Jefferson was not the only Founding Father who championed the benefits of hemp. George Washington grew hemp on his plantation, harvesting it for a number of uses including for the nets in his massive fishery operation.

Benjamin Franklin could be considered a founding father of the hemp paper industry. He owned one of the first hemp paper mills that processed hemp into parchment.

But Jefferson was perhaps the most ardent in his view of the plant, seeing it as a key economic driver and advocating its many applications. The inventor of a hemp threshing machine, he refused to patent his innovation, seeing it as too important to be limited in its use.

These days, hemp’s main use is for the extraction of CBD. At Mile High Labs, we use only American-made industrial hemp (and lots of it) to create pure CBD isolate, water-soluble distillate, and THC-free distillate, ingredients that make new and exciting products that are nothing short of revolutionary.

Hemp is an all-American crop with deep roots in our nation’s founding. Perhaps that explains that overwhelming feeling of patriotism when you enjoy your favorite CBD product.

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