Why CBD is the Biggest New Beauty Ingredient

It’s no surprise that beauty brands want in on the excitement the CBD industry is experiencing. It’s a perfect merging of industries, as the natural benefits of CBD blend harmoniously with the benefits of numerous other beauty ingredients.

In fact, CBD is already found in beauty products touting acne fighting, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties. While peer-reviewed clinical studies have yet to verify any medical claims, anecdotal success stories are driving consumer purchases of CBD beauty products.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is one of 113 identified chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant. Compared with its sibling, THC (which is infamous for its mentally intoxicating “high” effect), CBD is considered non-psychoactive.

Thanks to the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, CBD can be legally cultivated, processed, distributed, and sold in all 50 states. Since then, the CBD industry has exploded with growth and opportunity.

Should beauty brands offer CBD products?

The CBD Market is expected to surpass $20 Billion in sales by 2024, and that’s just in the US. This massive growth is due to CBD’s diversity, making it ideal for usage in cosmetics, health products, food and beverage, pet products, skin care and pharmaceuticals.

Likewise, the consumer interest in CBD products has only strengthened in recent years. In the US, the estimated number of cannabis consumers exceeds 40 million people, and one in seven Americans say they use CBD products. In 2018, women accounted for 38% of all cannabis users which doubled from the year prior.

The numbers indicate the demographic of CBD consumers aligns well with the market of most beauty brands.

Who makes the CBD in cosmetics and skincare products?

There are numerous challenges for beauty brands and their manufacturers in navigating such a new and confusing industry. Without federal regulation, CBD is still relatively uncharted territory that often feels like the Wild West.

For beauty brands and manufacturers, a full-scale vertical expansion is often cost and resource prohibitive, especially when trying to get a new product to a quickly expanding market.

The key is to ensure the highest possible quality in CBD extraction and purification. As a result, many beauty brands are partnering with companies like Mile High Labs for bulk CBD isolate, white label, private label, and custom formulation.

By taking a partnership approach, cosmetics companies, skincare brands, and beauty manufacturers benefit from customizable beauty-ready CBD products  as well as exclusive products that are formulated by technicians with deep pharmaceutical experience.

Who should be responsible for the quality of CBD products?

At Mile High Labs, we believe in making safe and effective cannabinoids accessible for all. Quality is the pathway to achieving compliance and consistency. We have made it our mission and our culture — and this philosophy extends to our partnerships.

Because the beauty industry is also deeply familiar with delivering high quality products that build trust and loyalty, beauty and CBD is a perfect union in our eyes.

Our CBD isolate has greater than 98% potency, our facility is GMP certified, and our system is ISO 9001 certified. Our custom equipment and extraction process exceed the highest standards to consistently yield pure and compliant CBD ingredients that beauty brands and consumers can depend on.

We apply these same manufacturing processes when making beauty products. We take full responsibility in ensuring the quality and purity of our CBD products for our clients and their consumers.

What CBD beauty products are available?

Body creams and salves

We offer a private label CBD body cream formulated with beneficial ingredients like aloe leaf extract and sunflower seed oil to nourish skin leaving it supple, soft and smooth.

Facial masks and serums

Our private label CBD serum is formulated with the soothing ingredients to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin looking radiant and luminous.

Eye creams and gels

The CBD eye cream is expertly developed with cucumber extract to minimize dark circles and depuff unsightly bags to brighten tired eyes and illuminate the skin’s natural glow.

Night creams and lotions

We offer a private label CBD night cream infused with deeply hydrating shea butter and vitamins that work through the night to leave skin looking refreshed and feeling soft in the morning.

Lip balms and gloss

Our CBD lip balm is 100% natural, toxin-free, preservative-free, vegan, and cruelty-free to appeal to a wide consumer market with a clean formulation targeted to help dry and super-delicate lips.

How can beauty brands differentiate their CBD products?

Incorporating CBD into existing products or developing new CBD products for cosmetics or skin care lines begins with a discussion of quality.

Our team of former pharmaceutical professionals have formulated quality finished CBD products from deep topical experience in adherence with our dedication to compliance and transparent supply chain.

Mile High Labs offers the industry’s most comprehensive private label CBD program. Private label clients can work directly with our research and development team to create custom products, exclusive formulations, and finished products backed by the level of quality, consistency and compliance you can only get from Mile High Labs.

No matter your scale or requirements, we’re here to help.

Are you a brand or manufacturer interested in enhancing your existing product with pure CBD or looking to partner with a global leader in CBD to formulate unique, private label products? Contact sales@milehighlabs.com today to get started.

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