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CBD Tinctures on Tap

Companies entering the CBD space often have bottling and packaging capabilities but lack the resources and expertise needed to formulate a high-quality and compliant CBD product. We’ve designed our lineup of bulk tinctures with these manufacturers in mind.

Choose Your Concentration

Mile High Labs bulk tinctures come pre-formulated in two concentrations: 500 mg per 30 ml and 1000 mg per 30 ml. These are currently the most popular concentrations on the market. At 500 mg, five drops deliver approximately 16 mg of CBD. For 1000 mg, five drops are about 32 mg. Offering both strengths will provide your customers with even more options when selecting the CBD product that’s right for them.

Savor The Flavors

Our tinctures are available in a variety of flavors, including Natural, Blood Orange, Mint and Melon. Because we formulate them with CBD isolate, our tinctures have a delicious flavor profile that isn’t overpowering. By stocking each flavor and strength, you have the opportunity to provide customers with eight different products to choose from.

CBD Tinctures

A Size For Every Scale

30 ml is the standard volume for CBD tincture bottles currently on the market. Our 1.9 L bulk tincture fills approximately 63 bottles, 100 L fills about 3,333 bottles and 200 L fills approximately 6,666 bottles. Whether you’re looking to stock a single shop, or distribute tinctures on an international scale, we have a bulk tincture size for you.

Straight From The Source

Why buy your bulk CBD ingredients from one place and formulate tinctures with another? With our Bulk Tinctures, you get the same transparency and traceability as our CBD isolate, and you can guarantee you’re getting a genuine Mile High Labs product that’s extracted and formulated by a trustworthy source.


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