CBD in the USA

Independence Day is quickly approaching, which got the folks at Mile High Labs talking about life, liberty, and hemp in Colonial times, and how what’s old is new again in this crazy place we call America.

Back then, a visit to ye olde apothecary to pick up a tincture may have been on the Saturday to-do list, perhaps after a long week of threshing wheat or working at the haberdashery.

These days, tinctures are back on the shelves, but instead of pennyroyal, bergamot or hyssop, America’s tincture of choice is CBD. Tinctures today make up a full 38 percent of the CBD market, perhaps because of their ease of use and flexibility in dosage. Typically, tinctures are applied under the tongue (aka “sublingually”) but consumers have found additional uses such as dropping CBD tincture into smoothies, water, and other liquids.

Another great appeal of CBD tinctures is their high bioavailability, the rate by which CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream and engages the endocannabinoid system. CBD tincture is absorbed at a higher rate than CBD that is eaten or swallowed because it bypasses the stomach and liver. In other words, the same strength of CBD has greater potential in a tincture than an edible.

Mile High Labs tinctures are created from industrial hemp that goes through an infusion process, then heated at a low temperature for a long period of time. Tinctures are generally flavorless, so we add natural flavor to enhance their taste.

For product manufacturers, tinctures offer a ready and eager market. And Mile High Labs bulk CBD tincture lets product manufacturers accurately and consistently draw from large-scale batches. Tinctures on Tap are made to order, making them always fresh.

And so, as the Fourth of July draws near and we think about how far we’ve come in this great nation, we hope you’ll tip your tri-corner hats and relax with a drop or two to celebrate the old and the new, and the red, white and blue.

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