CBG: A Minor Cannabinoid with Major Potential

As the demand in CBD continues to rise, there’s a growing interest in all of the other benefits that hemp has to offer. Consumers are becoming increasingly educated, progressively open-minded and more curious about what else hemp can do for them. While CBD and THC are currently the most well-known cannabinoids, we have every reason to believe that one minor cannabinoid could surpass them both in popularity. 

CBG is here, and Mile High Labs is proud to be the first supplying cannabigerol (CBG) isolate on an industrial scale. From sourcing CBG biomass to CBG test method validation, we’re applying all of the Mile High Labs gold standards to this exciting cannabinoid. We’re looking forward to seeing how our customers utilize our CBG ingredients in new and existing products.

CBG Vs. CBD: What’s the Difference?

CBG is a genuinely unique cannabinoid. It’s often referred to as the “mother” of all cannabinoids, as CBG is the origin from which 100+ other cannabinoids are synthesized. CBD, CBN and CBC all have their roots in cannabigerol. In terms of effects, the way CBG works with our endocannabinoid system is unlike anything else. Studies have shown that CBG interacts with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBG promises to have incredible potential benefits for consumers, while adding a substantial increase of value to brands and finished products.

At the moment, CBD-rich hemp is plentiful, but good genetics for CBG are much harder to come by. Mile High Labs has worked with the most talented cultivators in our network to secure a reliable supply of high-quality CBG biomass. We’re proud to support these farmers as they continue to elevate the science behind cannabinoid cultivation.

In terms of ingredient usability, CBG isolate formulates very similarly to CBD isolate. Manufacturers already using CBD isolate should have no issues integrating this cannabinoid into their process. While new ingredients can often lead to uncertainties, you can trust Mile High Labs to test and characterize CBG accurately.

Potential Benefits of CBG

Like CBD, we’re unable to make any direct claims about the benefits of CBG. Numerous studies have been conducted on the molecule and how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. As always, we encourage you to consult trusted resources to learn more about CBG and its potential benefits, while keeping in mind that more scientific evidence is needed.

New Cannabinoid Same Commitment

Our CBG isolate is made with the level of quality, consistency and compliance you can only get from Mile High Labs. With +98% CBG potency, small particle size and virtually no flavor or odor, CBG isolate is the ideal way to introduce this highly-valued cannabinoid to any product. 

Our mission is to continue providing manufacturers with a reliable source for the highest quality cannabinoid ingredients. As consumers continue to recognize and demand these minor cannabinoids, look to Mile High Labs to deliver pure ingredients that you can trust.

Private Label CBG Products

We’re currently hard at work finalizing our formulations of private label CBG products. Soon, you’ll be able to order your branded CBG tinctures, CBG gummies, CBG softgel capsules and CBG topicals directly from Mile High Labs. If you’re interested in developing a custom CBG formulation with our R&D team, please contact us today to get started.

A New Era for Cannabinoids

CBG and CBD are only the beginning. Mile High Labs is on a mission to make cannabinoids accessible, reliable and practical for manufacturers and consumers around the world. From our supply chain and extraction technology to our quality management systems and testing methods, we are leading the development of globally compliant cannabinoids.

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