THC-Free Distillate

Consistently and
Confidently THC-Free

We’re proud to announce the launch of our most requested CBD ingredient, THC-Free Distillate. Mile High Labs’ THC-Free Distillate is a broad-spectrum distillate with the THC removed using a proprietary extraction process. The result is a compliant product with 80-90% CBD potency and all of the desired cannabinoids and terpenes.

THC-Free Distillate Vs NDT

With advancements in extraction technology, formulations and testing methods being made on a daily basis, the CBD industry is continuing to evolve—and CBD nomenclature along with it. Naming and terminology for CBD ingredients and products are topics of constant debate, one that we at Mile High Labs are no strangers to.

Why not simply call it “non-detectable” THC or “NDT” like the rest of the industry? NDT might be a common term, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Non-detectable can mean a wide range of THC levels
 depending on the testing method used.

Mile High Labs is choosing the name THC-Free Distillate to boldly guarantee that our product’s THC levels are consistently 0.1% THC or lower. This is an ingredient with extremely potent CBD levels, other beneficial cannabinoids and absolutely no high.

How is THC-Free
CBD Made?

THC-Free CBD distillate starts similarly to other Mile High Labs ingredients. First, we take our broad-spectrum CBD distillate, which is extracted and refined under Good Manufacturing Practices in our Loveland, Colorado lab. After we’ve extracted the distillate, we use a proprietary process to remove nearly all of the THC present. It takes some extra time, attention to detail and technical prowess, but it enables us to deliver a CBD ingredient that product manufacturers and consumers can feel confident about.

We Set the Standards

With no current standards for testing related cannabinoids, many labs do not detect THC levels up to as much as 0.3%. Mile High Labs’ validated test method gives CBD product manufacturers the confidence to know that our THC-Free Distillate is never higher than 0.1% THC.

While other companies may tout 0% THC, their samples frequently do not test at 0% with a validated test method. Our distillate is consistently at levels low enough to be considered THC-Free when added to end products.

THC-Free Guaranteed

Before shipping, we conduct release testing to guarantee every batch meets the product specifications. This includes the evaluation of cannabinoid potency levels, impurities, residual solvents and appearance. While release testing and specifications are common practice in the pharmaceutical ingredient world, they are not yet the standard in the CBD industry.

We’re incredibly excited to offer this unique, highly demanded product to our customers.
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