Introducing FreshWater Soluble CBD
The Natural CBD Solution

FreshWater Soluble combines ease-of-use with the simplicity of natural ingredients. FreshWater Soluble CBD Isolate and Distillate are potent and pure CBD-based solutions designed specifically for the natural beverage and wellness industries. Made with the highest quality CBD available, FreshWater has everything you love and nothing you don’t. No sodium benzoate, no parabens and no harmful preservatives—just a CBD-rich formula that enhances your product without impacting flavor and mouthfeel. Experience what many of our customers are calling the best tasting and most versatile CBD ingredients they’ve ever used.

Developed With Your Needs in Mind

Our clients were asking for a more natural way to infuse their products with CBD—one that isn’t filled with artificial preservatives. Our R&D and formulations teams developed a new and innovative ingredient to satisfy the unique needs of the wellness space. The result is what we call FreshWater Soluble. FreshWater shares the same versatility and potency as our traditional water soluble ingredients without the use of sodium benzoate or parabens.

You’ve Got Great Taste

Now you can easily add the valuable benefits of CBD without changing what consumers love about your product. FreshWater Soluble is easy to incorporate while maintaining the flavor, characteristics and integrity of your original formulation. Our isolate version in particular has been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback when it comes to superior taste and drinkability.

Simply Made Better

FreshWater Soluble is an innovative ingredient with a simple process. Unlike coarse emulsions, the CBD isn’t dissolved into an oil droplet. Instead, we heat the natural surfactants and CBD together before running the formulation through our emulsifier.

No Artificial Preservatives

No sodium benzoate. No parabens. No harmful preservatives. FreshWater Soluble is naturally preserved with soy lecithin to prevent bacterial growth. This compound has no known adverse side effects and ensures that your finished product remains free of synthetics while maintaining a reasonable shelf life.

Get Your Sample and Start Formulating

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