Inside the Mile High Monster


Two weeks ago, we unleashed the Mile High Monster, our modular, on-farm extraction technology that is changing the size and scope of industrial-scale hemp processing forever. A single Monster increases our production capacity by 500%. The first is already online, and the second is slated for installation in Q2.

The first completed Mile High Monster is made up of 3 separate Modules, each of which serves a different function and works in unison to give Mile High Labs unparalleled processing capabilities. You may have seen our reveal video of Module 1, and now we want to show you a glimpse into what it takes to build the future of CBD extraction.

Mile High Monster Switches

Easy maintenance layout for the motor VFDs and disconnects ensures smooth sailing. This system is housed in the Monster Control CONEX.

Inside the Mile High Monster Cable Management

Cables run through the main extraction module into a panel which communicates with the control room via ethernet.

Mile High Monster Technicians

MHL technicians operate and oversee the Monster 24/7, allowing for a continuous flow of CBD crude oil.

Stephen Mueller Showing Off Hemp

It takes a lot to feed this hungry beast. Our partnered farm keeps us supplied with the best industrial hemp so we can keep churning out quality CBD.

Mile High Isotainers

Our massive isotainers of solvent enable the Monster to process as much biomass as the farm can grow for us.


The reaction to the Monster reveal was incredible. We’re overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from long-time followers and fresh new fans alike. Your words drive us to push this industry even further. Here are some of our favorite comments so far.

“You guys win.”


“When it requires permits to even transport it ?”


“This is insane about to take over the game.”


“The monster definitely has a place here in the future Texas hemp market. Can’t wait to see more innovation!”


“Can I has second place please?”


“Incredible engineering, sophisticated set up, a gem in a rapid growing industry ? fam.”








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