Welcome to the Center of the CBD Universe

It’s been a historic week for Mile High Labs, the state of Colorado and the hemp CBD industry as a whole. Under our founder and CEO Stephen Mueller’s leadership, a 400,000-square-foot pharmaceutical facility was reborn as the epicenter for CBD manufacturing, distribution, testing and research.

It’s also been a week of reflection. As our dedicated followers know, Mile High Labs was founded by Stephen as a one-man operation in 2016. Before the acquisition of the Broomfield facility, the company extracted CBD in a 1,500-square-foot lab in Loveland, Colorado. The opening of our new Broomfield facility marks a turning point for Mile High Labs as we continue to scale our operations and supply CBD to product manufacturers around the world.

But we’re not done yet. The opening serves as a reminder of just how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time and motivates us to continue striving towards our future goals.

Legitimizing the CBD Industry

CBD deserves to be taken seriously, as do the people who grow it, make it and take it. As the leading supplier of CBD, we recognize the responsibility we have as advocates for consumers, product manufacturers, cultivators and even our fellow extractors. That’s why all of our significant achievements this year have aimed to legitimize the CBD industry as a whole.

In March, we unveiled our first Mile High Monster, streamlining the hemp harvest and extraction process for our cultivation partners in Cope, Colorado. Next came our ISO 9001 certification, reaffirming our commitment to creating trustworthy and compliant CBD ingredients. The Broomfield facility is the next step in our neverending mission to bring recognition, credibility and trust to the CBD space.

“I’m excited just about the scale and ambition of this place, and the way it changes how people think about the CBD industry and how people think about the company,” Mueller said.

In Good Company

What’s a party without an all-star guest list? We were extremely fortunate to have both the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, and Mayor of Broomfield, Randy Ahrens, in attendance. Governor Polis has been a longtime advocate for the hemp industry, and under his leadership, he’s supported countless farmers and innovators. Mayor Ahrens was kind enough to welcome us into the vibrant community of businesses that call Broomfield home. We’re happy to share a zipcode with some of Colorado’s best.

Also in attendance were legislators from Mexico with whom we’ve been in talks with about CBD regulation. Mexican lawmakers are poised to vote on cannabis legalization at the end of the month, and it’s been an honor working with them to provide insight on our experience with CBD in US and EU markets.

Finally, we’d like to thank the members of the press who attended and covered the event. We appreciate your efforts in helping us continue to tell the Mile High Labs story, and we hope you enjoyed getting an inside look at our new home.

A Day to Remember

The opening was a celebration of the CBD industry and everything we’ve been working towards since our inception. In recognition of this, Governor Polis declared October 8, 2019, Mile High Labs day.

The proclamation reminds us of the tremendous economic impact the CBD business has on Colorado. We’re incredibly honored to have our work acknowledged in such a way, and we promise to continue to make our state proud.

Colorado Proud

The past several years have been ones of exponential growth for Mile High Labs. We’ve shipped CBD to customers overseas, took part in the development of charters for the UK CBD market and opened an office in London—it’s safe to say that Mile High Labs has gone global. But our heart remains in Colorado.

“You couldn’t find a better place to do it because as Coloradans, we’re really proud of our status as being the best state in the country for hemp cultivation and processing,” Polis said. “We have state agencies that understand the industry and its needs and have more experience than in the other states.”

While some of our cultivation partners certainly give Colorado hemp a run for its money, we’re proud of our roots and couldn’t agree more with Governor Polis. Colorado state officials have been instrumental in facilitating the growth of Mile High Labs and the hemp industry as a whole. We’re excited for future growth in the state—it’s an ideal home base for us as we accelerate the global distribution of compliant CBD products.

Ready for Regulation

With the opening of our new headquarters, the stage is set for the CBD movement to reach its true potential. However, the impressive market value projections we see from organizations like Brightfield group are all based on the premise that the FDA will establish a framework for compliant CBD products by mid-to-late-2020

“There’s this limbo now where we’re investing a lot into the quality and compliance side, but it’s not really being recognized, the value of that. And the industry is being stifled because we don’t have big companies that can get involved,” Mueller said.

As we continue to ramp up production in Broomfield, we have one message to FDA and regulatory officials: act now. The longevity of the CBD industry and the well-being of CBD consumers around the world depend on it.

Let’s Get to Work

It’s a new beginning for the facility and some of its former employees, and a new chapter in the story of Mile High Labs and cannabinoid extraction. As we walk the halls of our new facility, we realize the privilege we have in being able to shape an entire industry. We’re also reminded of the responsibility we have to customers and consumers to create safe, innovative products.

“For the top food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, the quality and scale that Mile High Labs is capable of is truly a game-changer,” said VP of business development, Dan Lane. “We’re excited to give the largest CPG brands in the world access to our facility as we develop products together and make Broomfield the center of the CBD universe.”

We’re humbled by the support we’ve received over the years. Thanks to our longtime customers, partners and followers who have helped us get to this pivotal moment. Without you, the CBD movement wouldn’t be possible.

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