Winning Together in 2021

A Message From Our CEO

Dear Past, Present and Future Partners,

As we look forward to a more hopeful 2021, it’s important to me – and to all of us at Mile High Labs – to focus on what matters most: you. One step towards accomplishing this is to be more communicative with our partners. With that in mind, I thought it important to share our strategic initiatives for this year – if you know what we’re working on and one of these things can help you build a better business, we should get on the phone and talk about how we can help you win. When you’re ready, we’re here to support you.

Strategic Initiative #1: 3PL by MHL

We went live with our fulfillment service in mid-January and it’s already a huge hit. It saves our customers money, takes the operational burden off their shoulders, allows them to easily scale up in the US and internationally, and allows us to fill our massive warehouses with activity – a true win / win. We’ve still got lots of warehouse capacity left (we own a 443,000 sq ft building, after all!), so we will continue to focus on onboarding customers to this new service.

Strategic Initiative #2: Gummies, Gummies, Gummies

The secret is out: gummies are the hottest category in CBD driven by massive consumer demand. We just closed on an acquisition that brings the best gummies in the industry inside our Broomfield facility. We’re scaling up now for full-tilt production in April. The early feedback from customers has been consistent: “No doubt about it, they’re phenomenal.” Given the already immense demand we’re seeing, if you are interested in securing a place in line, now is the time to engage with us.

A few key points on our gummies:

  • Vegan & Non-Vegan Options
  • CBD (MHL supplied ingredient or customer supplied) and Non-CBD Options
  • Custom Formulation MOQ: 120,000 individual gummies = 4,000 30ct packaged bottles
  • Catalog MOQ (unlabeled): 3,000 individual gummies = 100 30ct packaged bottles
  • Multiple Packaging Options
  • Competitive Pricing
  • We have enough capacity to fulfill even the largest orders

Strategic Initiative #3: Novel Foods UK

The Novel Foods regulations coming down on March 31, 2021 are going to create significant barriers to entry in the UK CBD market. Given the time, money and effort required to submit an acceptable dossier, we aren’t certain there will be many suppliers that get their Novel Foods application validated. This means that current supply chains are going to get disrupted. We stand ready to help our brand partners in the UK and also serve as a partner for US brands looking to expand overseas. If you combine Novel Foods validation with our international fulfillment capabilities, you begin to understand how easy it is to scale globally with Mile High Labs. We’re here to help partners navigate this new reality – and of course, do great business together.


If you think we can help you win with any of these strategic initiatives, please reach out. To the next mile we go, together!

Jon Hilley, CEO

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